The Pinoy Money Guide Income Report for January 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!

Coincidentally, I’m writing this income report for January 2017 after the Chinese New Year celebrations for 2017 year of the Rooster has just finished.

In our family, we don’t actually celebrate Chinese New Year, although we’re actually part Chinese on my mom’s side. We’re more Filipino now and the Chinese traditions died down in the family. But it’s fun to take note just because of the coincidence that we have great plans for Pinoy Money Guide moving forward into the year ahead.

I’m just so excited so please let me tell you what I’ve been up to and how I’ve been doing this past month of January.

First up is blog traffic

Blog traffic is very bleak for the month of January 2017 mostly because I was not promoting the website as much as I can. Call me lazy or call me incompetent in SEO (or in traffic in general), and I’ll take all the blame because I really am all of those things.

In my defense though, I did mention from our last income report that I would be focusing more on content rather than traffic.

Well, the end result is just what I expected. I only had an average of 2 visits on the blog for January. And the most visits I had was last January 23 (13 sessions), after I posted about how you should try to earn more aside from budgeting.

All credits to my fiancée. She loves me so much that she always shares my posts in her Facebook account. She’s not passionate about reading, but no matter how boring my posts are, to her, these are literally works of art. She’s just that kind of person, and for that (and countless other reasons), I love her so much.

Enough with the mushiness, how about the blog’s post frequency?

Oh! I did focus on putting up more blog posts, but towards the end of the month, real life kicked in and I just got too busy to make an additional article.

I know, what I said is just an excuse. Please do not be like me.

For my last income report, I was only able to make an additional 9 articles. That’s actually the same number of articles that I was able to make last December.

It’s kind of pathetic really, since I actually wanted to do more. But that’s the thing with time; I cannot go back to the past and write more articles. I just have to move forward and be more dedicated in bringing you guys additional financial knowledge as we grow Pinoy Money Guide into a successful community.

I promise to meet the same number of articles for February. I know that I should be raising the bar higher, but February only has 28 days, and my busy job schedule and wedding preparations are keeping me from committing more.

Besides, I might start a money-making case study by next month as well. And I promise I’ll be writing all about that when it happens.

How much did Pinoy Money Guide earn for January?

Affiliate income for January is consistent with last month’s earnings. I earned a total of 99.40 pesos from all of the affiliate programs I have in this blog. I know it’s not enough to make me rich, but it’s certainly enough to keep me happy and keep this blog afloat.

As for advertising, it actually improved from last month. January earned me at total of 11.46 pesos! Gosh, I’d love to celebrate with fireworks right now, but buying one will cost me more than what I’ve earned. Haha!

So yeah, in total, I only earned 110.86 pesos.

I’m telling you now that this is the start of something good.

You see, business is like this. Many times, it just takes a long time for the business to earn any money. All you have to do is to persevere and believe that you’re doing something right. Of course, there are exceptions when you just have to stop the business if you’re losing too much money. But for Pinoy Money Guide, we’re actually improving, and I’m hoping that we’ll grow even larger for our February income report.

What are my plans moving forward?

Outside of Pinoy Money Guide, my schedule for February is already jam-packed. My fiancée and I will be starting meetings with some of our suppliers for the wedding. Valentine’s Day is also coming up, and as per our tradition, we’ll be feeding the poor during the following weekend. And as mentioned earlier, I might do a case study on a money-making strategy this month as well.

It’s going to be a long stretch of February, but for Pinoy Money Guide, our only goal is to grow.

Regarding posts, I’ll try to meet the same number of posts for February. I’ll also try to do more, but I really can’t promise that right now. Let’s see when the next month rolls in.

Regarding earnings, we’re in the positive right now because I’m not spending anything for this blog. For February, I’m actually planning on investing into traffic. As a result, I’m expecting February to be a negative in terms of cash flow. But this is okay, because hopefully, we’ll be investing into a better future for the blog.

Here’s what I’ll be trying with regards to traffic

I’ll be starting to employ an SEO service for the month of February.

I know that many internet marketers and bloggers will think I’m making a big mistake about this decision, but I must digress. I’m trying this not only because I want traffic going to this blog, but also I want to learn more about it and hopefully, I can share my experience with SEO services with all of you as well.

It might be a waste of money, but I’m sure it will be a valuable lesson at the end of the day.

Why am I doing this?

This is because I simply don’t have the time to build links. Building links is not my forte as well, and I choose to stick to what I know – and that’s to keep on writing articles.

Let’s see. I’ll give it a few months as a trial period. At the end of these months, if it won’t improve the blog, then I’ll cut losses and find other avenues on how to grow the blog.

As always, you’ll be informed of every step, every mistake and every experience along the way.

I’m glad we’re doing this, and I hope we learn valuable lessons together.

Here’s to your success!

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