You just have to learn how to sell

For many years now, I’ve been failing in my most-wanted endeavor of all time. I really want to become an entrepreneur. But it really pains me (and it’s quite embarrassing too) that right now, I’m still in my failing streak.

I was really hesitant to write about this because this site should be helping people how to make money. I can’t even help myself make money from businesses. How much more can I help others do the same? This is really an embarrassing post.

But I’ll press on. I’ll treat this blog now as a personal documentation of how I’ll become an entrepreneur. Much more than that, I’ll treat this website as a personal blog. It will still focus on money for the most part, but if something’s up in my personal life that I want to share, I’ll share it. And hopefully, the lessons learned will help others as well.

Anyway, what’s up with me the couple of weeks?

Yes, it’s been weeks since I last posted on this blog. I honestly forgot about it too for some time. No joke. And that’s because I was doing something else on the side.

The past couple of weeks, my fiancée and I started a small business on the side. She’s the creative type and knows Photoshop. I’m the entrepreneur-wannabe and would like to start a business together. So, we had this idea of designing and selling shirts online.

I know, it’s not an original idea. But that’s the point. We’re not gunning for being originals in the scene. We just want to cash in on that industry. And I really wanted to put my fiancée’s skills to good use with that business.

And she enjoys designing shirts, so why not?

Here’s something I learned while we were doing our little business

Even though I think that we’ve made awesome t-shirt designs so far, we were still not earning anything.

Even though we’ve followed shirt design guides to the T, no one is buying our creations.

It’s just so frustrating really, and I’m beginning to think that this is another one of my failures as well. And worse, I dragged my fiancée with me in it.

But with all that we did, I got the feeling that I’m just missing something. And if you read the title of this post, then you probably guessed it right – we don’t know how to sell.

We just have to learn how to sell these designs.

I know for a fact that people like them. I ran some ads on Facebook, and the general consensus is that the designs are well-received. People expressed mostly positive reviews on the designs, but unfortunately, no one bought them.

I need to know how to sell – beyond Facebook, beyond setting ads, and beyond hoping that someone will love these products as much as we love them. Selling is definitely the lifeblood of the business.

So, if you’re just like me, then yeah, please learn how to sell

And if you already know how, please teach me your ways too. It might be a good starting point for a conversation.

But if you’re like me – an aspiring entrepreneur, please learn how to sell your products or services. Selling is the only way that people will open their wallets and give you their money in exchange for what you’re offering. There really is no other way than to sell.

I’ll go and learn the art of selling too.

And when I learn it, you’ll hear about it from me through this blog.

Here’s to your success!

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